Conditional branching within trials

Help, I need this information quickly, so that I can decide whether to fix this or bodge this.

I have a number of touch screen fields defined for an experiment, not all of which are relevant to every event.

One of the fields is “yes”, the other is “no”. Depending on the trial, one is correct, the other is incorrect, but this is not intended to affect the behaviour of the program.

If the “yes” response is chosen, the trial should end early and go on to the next. If the “no” answer is chosen, the trial should present a supplementary event for an additional question, and then go on to the next.

The trouble is, all 50 touch screen fields are active for every trial. Is there a way of saying: touch the “yes” field, exit and go to next trial, touch the “no” field, go to next event, touch any of the other 48 fields, do nothing and wait for the yes/no ones to be touched.

Codes look as though they might get me there, but I am not yet sure.

If you want the trial to end early when the participant clicks on “yes” (or any area), you can tell SuperLab that the correct response is “yes”. Then in the Event Editor’s Feedback tab, you can tell it to skip remaining events in the trial if the response is correct.

Thanks, we tried that, did not work

Imagine you have three buttons, “yes” “no” and “something else”

We want to exit the trial with “yes”, continue the trial with “no”, and do nothing at all and wait for the other responses if th emouse accidently clicks “something else”

What we tried did not work because “no” and “something else” both end the event and commence the next one.

What we really need to do is disable individual fields for individual events.


Hi Max,

I just read your thread. We have a similar problem here. In our experiment, out participants respond to stimuli by pressing one of the numbers of the numpad; however, certain numbers lead to different branches. For example, if the participant pressed 0, then a new trial should begin; if the participant pressed everything but 0, then a new trial, which is different from the one that starts with the keypress of ‘0’, begins -WHILE restricting Superlab from continuing to the next when the any other keyboard button is pressed. Initially, we had simply coded ‘0’ as correct, and then in the feedback screen, we had indicated that if the response was correct, Trial A begins, and if the response is incorrect Trial B begins. The problem with this is that all other keys, including letters, which is not at all appropriate for this experiment, are coded as incorrect, and therefore the experiment moves forward.
Extremely annoying, to say the least.
Did you manage to sort out your problem ??