Conditional Branching Question


I have a question regarding conditional branching in SuperLab 4.5.

In the experiment, participants are completing a vigilance task and are required to respond (press the spacebar) to infrequently occurring signals. After approximately 450 trials, I would like to give participants the option to choose a break length. After making their choice, they would receive that break as a new trial. Following the break, they would return to the task and complete the final 450 trials.

Is it possible to give them five options to choose from?

Thanks in advance!

This would be difficult in version 4.5 because you can provide feedback (and therefore, conditions) based only on whether the response is correct or incorrect.

In SuperLab 5, you can provide feedback based on a specific response. In addition, you can have SuperLab 5 provide a break automatically after 450 trials just by enabling a checkbox in the Block editor.