Conditional branching based on a specific response


I am trying to design an experiment wherein participants respond via mouse click to one of six square patches of color presented simultaneously. Based on the location (square) that is chosen, I would like to experiment to then present a corresponding screen with additional colored squares to which the participants will respond.

I’ve got all of the steps programmed except for the branching from the initial presentation of six color squares (currently set as six individual trials kept invisible until the sixth).

Is there a way to present a particular follow-up screen based on the input to the initially presented six squares? For example, my initial six squares are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & violet, and if the participant chooses green, I’d like to then present a screen with 7 different shades of green from which the participant must once again make a selection.

The feedback I’ve found in the forums thus far doesn’t look promising, but if you’ve got any suggestions on how I might accomplish this (even via massive workaround or restructuring), I’d greatly appreciate the input.

Much thanks.

If you don’t mind a truly massive workaround, and if you’re on a Mac, and if you have had some experience with programming and/or scripting, take a look at the post I just made in the “Lounge” section. (Unless, of course, someone has a better suggestion.)

Greg Shenaut

This is the post Greg referenced.

SuperLab was designed around the idea of branching based on correct or incorrect responses–not based on the specific response. Therefore, by paying attention to the key press and the key release, you could branch based on which of three stimuli was clicked, but not more.