Computerized stroop test


i want to develop a stroop test to test the effect of CNS stimulants in healthy subjects using superlab.
plz help

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Computerized Stroop Test

Dear Madam,

This is the procedure i got from the articles on stroop test, which am tring to develop with Superlab.

The test is based on victoria version of stroop test and consists of 3 parts,

The first part consists of presentation of names of four colors (yellow,blue,green & red) written in capital letters, Times newroman font, size-72, in black. Each word appears on the screen for six times randomly and the subject has to read each word as quickly as possible.

The seconf part consists of 24 colored circles , six circles of each color ( yellow,blue,green & red ) appearing randomly and the subject has to respond by naming the color of the circle.

The third part consists of written words corresponding to the four colors ( yellow,blue,green & red ) , however the words are printed in colors that do not correspond to the written word ( for eg : the word green written in blue letters). The subject must name the color in which the word is written, ignoring the meaning of the written word.

Main Parameter : To record the Participant Voice at each stimulus as well as their reaction time.

Main Problem : i have a Response pad RB-750. , but i think it may not be useful,
can u please help in recording Participant voice at each stimulus as well as their reaction time.

Computerized Stroop Test

dear Madam,

Apart from the previous procedure, if u know any other procedure,

can u please send.

If you start building your experiment and have questions, then I can help you. However, I cannot build an experiment from scratch.

As for your second inquiry, we have just posted 24 sample experiments on our website. Please see the following link:

We will be making updates as we go with more information describing the backgrounds and findings of each experiment.