Compiling Response Time

I would like to compile Response Time for specific actions, i.e. have a column in the data output that provides reaction times for certain types of questions and certain types of responses.

For example, let us imagine there is a test where participants are asked to identify a given word as a noun, adjective, or verb. Participants will be shown a noun, adjective, or verb and be given three responses (the word is an adjective; the word is a noun; the word is a verb).

Based upon this experiment would it be possible to have a data column designated to: - the time it took for a participant to respond with ‘the word is an adjective’ when presented with a noun

  • the time it took for a participant to respond with ‘the word is a noun’ when presented with a noun.
  • etc… for every permutation

So far, I have been creating rules that increment counters, but there is no action that I have found that simply records the time for a particular set of actions. Unfortunately, this proves troublesome for data analysis.

Any help is appreciated.

If I’m understanding the question correctly, you are not having any trouble collecting the RT, but you want three different RT columns (per your example), one for each permutation, right?

In that case, SuperLab cannot do that. The next closest thing is to try the tag sets features (Experiment menu > Tag Sets). Creating a tag set will add a column to your data file. Give the tag set three tags: noun, adjective, and verb. Then, tag individual stimulus list items accordingly. One of these three tags will appear in the new column and will be helpful to you in combining them with the RT column.