compatibility superlab 4.0.7 Mac and 4.0 Windows

I have been using a trial version of Superlab 4.0.7 on my Mac to program an experiment. Now, I wish to transfer the files to the PC in the lab. This PC has Superlab 4.0 (for Windows) installed, and it does recognizes the files when I copy them from my USB. When I try opening the files, however, I receive an error message, telling me that the version is not compatible.
How can this be? Is there a difference between the Superlab 4 versions, which makes them incompatible with each other?
Please could you help we with finding a way to use my programed experiment on the PC?

Thank you very much for your support!

Is “version is not compatible” the only message that SuperLab is displaying?

My best guess is that perhaps the copy of SuperLab for Windows is earlier than version 4.0.7.

older version OF 4.0

yes, you’re right. The lab computer is running an older version, but its also a 4.0 version. Its 4.0.1 and the trail is in 4.0.7.
But does this mean that these two versions cannot read each others files? There should be some way to use older experiments, no?

Thanks for your feedback!!

SuperLab 4.0.7 can read all previous 4.x experiments. But the older ones cannot read experiments created by newer versions.