Communicate with c-pod fromC#


I am trying to output a trigger from C# using c-pod, but it is not responding properly.

I have tried sending XID commands to c-pod using the VCP method, but no response.

Please allow me to ask a question, knowing my lack of study.
Is there a DLL file for processing in C#?
How should the XID command be sent in the first place?
I would appreciate it if you could show us some sample code, etc.

Sorry for my poor English.

Unfortunately, we do not support C#. We do not use it at Cedrus, so I have no one to ask.

The best suggestion that I can offer is to see our C++ library. C++ and C# are close cousins, so our library can offer insight.

Thank you for your response.
I would like to achieve it with the C++ library.

Let me ask just one more question.
What commands are required to use c-pod?
It is intended to be used to output from c-pod(value 3 etc.) at an arbitrary time from C# and stop output after a certain period of time.
Are there any commands required other than unlocking command(au?)?

In most usage situations, you do not need the use the “au” command. For producing output, you would need the “mx” command.

The output is asynchronous: if you send, say, a 50ms pulse, your code does not have to wait 50ms and it resumes execution immediately after sending the command while c-pod waits for 50ms to end the pulse.