Combined String Input and Single Key

A sample experiment is attached that demonstrates the steps below.

  • Click on the [B]Experiment[/B] menu and select [B]Participant Input[/B]. The Participant Input dialog appears
  • Notice the “Keyboard-Single Keys” device is checked, click on the [B]Options[/B] tab
  • Under the section “Look for Single Key Response From Participants”, notice [B]Only if an event designates a single key response as a correct[/B] is selected
  • The same settings are applied to “Keyboard-String Input”
  • Under the [B]Response[/B] tab, a response is defined for each "Single Key" and "String Input"
  • Click on the [B]Done[/B] button, and double-click an event to open the[B] Event Editor[/B]
  • Under the [B]Correct Response[/B] tab, you will see [U]every[/U] event has a correct response defined whether it be single key or string input

Note: When using string input with the option Only if an event designates a string input response as a correct, it is imperative that you have a correct response defined even if the event doesn’t require any response.

String and Single Key.sl4 (6.28 KB)