Combine randomized prime with matching stimuli

Dear all,

we have a question concerning the stimuli items in a stimulus list.

Is it possible to combine a prime with a stimuli?
Specifically, if we can present a randomized prime with its matching stimuli?
We want to randomize the primes, but they should be combined with their suitable stimuli.

Thank you in advance,


When you have two stimulus lists and randomize, these lists will pair their items with one another.

Within SuperLab’s Help menu there is a section on how to present two stimuli simultaneously. Go to the Help menu, then Help Contents. You will see a “How Do I” section, under this you will find “Present two images simultaneously.”

We were actually referring to something slightly different. Sorry for the confusion.

The situation is the following:

The participant sees a picture (the prime), which disappears before the actual stimulus (a word) becomes visible on the screen. Then the participant has to decide whether the word is a word or a non-word.

All our primes are linked to one particular word each - that is to say that a picture is always presented with the same word. However, we would like the order of the picture - word pairs to be random and different for each participant.

Is it possible to randomize the picture stimuli list and still have each picture be followed by the “correct / corresponding” word? In other words, is there a way to connect the items in the two stimuli lists / define which stimuli from the second list follows which stimuli from the first list in a randomized design?

Thanks a lot for your help!

You will need two stimulus lists. One list will be the the prime and the other will be the words. Create two events for your stimulus list and attach them to the same trial. Now, create a block and link it to the trial the stimulus lists are attached to. Under the Block level, go to the Randomize tab, check “Randomize the trials in this block”.