Collect multiple responses to one stimulus

Hi! I’m having participants listen to a long recording of continuous sound (30 seconds). They need to respond (press spacebar) whenever they hear a specific sound, which will happen several times within the 30 seconds. Is there a way to collect multiple responses to the same trial? Thus far, I’m only to make it record the fact that they pushed the spacebar at least once at some point in the trial, but not when or how many times.


Can you post the experiment so I can take a look at the settings?

Here it is! I want the audio to play all the way through and not stop based on the participant response (which is working), but I also want it to register multiple responses (and record the times at which they occur), which is not working.

Julia (11.7 MB)

The reason that the responses are not being registered is because the audio event is set to end “Immediately after the event is presented” under the Input tab. To record all responses you should change this to end “Only after a time limit.” However, you will want to choose a time limit that is the same duration as the audio clip (or the same as the longest-running clip). Therefore, it might be best to use audio clips that are all the same length (for example having a duration of 10 seconds each).

Another alternative would be to use the “Variable” option on the time limit instead of “Fixed.” As long as the trials are not randomized in this experiment, you could create a Trial Variable with these levels:


These match the duration of clips p21 through p25. Then set that trial level to “Sequential” (so that the trial levels are not selected at random). You can find the Trial Variable option under the Experiment menu.