Cognitive load task

I’m trying to set up a task where I present a sequence of digits (of varying length, presented for different amounts of time depending on their length), followed by a randomly chosen image. Each time that these randomly chosen stimuli appear, I would like a series of questions to follow, one of which corresponds to the original image. For some reason, I am having a lot of trouble setting up this presumably simple experiment.

The design is as follows:

5 blocks of 6 trials each. In each trial, 1 of 6 possible digit sequences (each presented for a different amount of time) appear before another randomly chosen image, which is followed by a series of questions, one of which corresponds to the first randomly chosen image. At the end of each block, three images are presented (to which the participant responds) and then the next block begins.


More specifically

Actually, I can be even more specific about what I’m having trouble with.

I’m putting all of my stimuli under the events column and putting those in their respective trials, and the trials under their respective blocks. But I keep hitting a point where the blocks column is highlighted and won’t let me get back to the trials or events. I need to create new trials and events, but I can’t get out of the blocks. I also don’t know how to get the loads to vary randomly in order of appearance between subjects, and to get them to always come (once) at the beginning of each trial.

I also need to figure this all out by Sunday, but no pressure.

Which version of SuperLab are you using? This used to happen with an earlier version of SuperLab for Mac but has been resolved a while back.

I’m using 4.0. The freezing of frames is still a problem on my macbook, but I’ve started over on an entirely different computer (an older iMac desktop) and it seems to be working fine. The only new problem I’ve encountered is having the entire program quit suddenly while I am working in it.

I’m still having an issue with placing the load task in the correct place at the beginning of each block. I have six load options that I want to present, chosen randomly, but only one at a time, without replacement. The way that I have it set up, all six loads are presented at the beginning of each block. How do I make it so only one is chosen from the list? (A complicating factor is that these are each presented for different amounts of time, but that is taken care of in the event options.

Could I somehow send you a copy of my experiment to look over?

I was told to download the demo from the website with the newer version of SuperLab because my release date was quite awhile ago (2006). I did that but, instead of just updating the program, everything is only working in “demo” mode where I can’t collect data. How do I use the new version without limiting myself to the demo? I am a registered user and have activated my computer, so I don’t see why there is a problem.