code values

Hi, is it possible to attach different code values to stimuli within a stimulus list since some are “old” and some are “new”? Now I found it impossible. But if this is impossible, in order to attach the correct code value to each stimulus, I need to create multiple trials and corresponding events to implement randomization. I have several blocks and each block has a pretty large stimulus list. It’ll be very time-consuming.

Is there a way to avoid this?


I’m not certain that I’m understanding your question(s).

Yes, you can attach code values to stimuli within a stimulus list. You need to define your codes as being for use with an event. Then, these codes and values will be available within the stimulus list editor.

To use a stimulus list, you only need to create one trial. This trial will be duplicated, once for each stimulus in the stimulus list. You can see how it works by selecting “Expand events that use lists” in the Experiment menu. This creates a new expanded experiment. Close the window to get back to your existing experiment. In order to randomize the presentation of a stimulus list, you need to randomize the trial within a block, not the events within a trial.

Thanks a lot, Hank.

Previously I had thought I could only attach one code value to the entire stimulus list. I just found out that I can attach a proper code value to each stimulus in the list, which is really helpful.

Now the only drawback is that the stimuli in the stimulus list cannot be randomized for each participant. However, that can be done outside Superlab easily.

Thanks again!


Randomization here is done at the block level. You can randomize per participant. You can’t randomize the stimulus list itself, but this is only an issue if you are using more than one list, as randomizing trials has the same effect.