Code Values not changing

I am using a stimuli list for photos. When I created the list, I moved the names of some of the photos up in the list, and added other photos. Now the code values for some of the photos is incorrect in the resulting output! It is shown correctly in the Code Values list for each stimulus photo, but somewhere the old code value is being used for the output. This is true even after I have repeatedly gone in and changed the code value to an incorrect value then the proper value and saved it.

This is a bug that has been fixed for 4.0.3 (not yet released), along with many other code value related issues.

When 4.0.3 to be available?

When will release 4.0.3 be available? I’m not able to run my experiments because the code values are not working properly and therefore the feedback is incorrect.:frowning:

Contact me privately and I’ll get you a prerelease. I need to know whether you’re running on a Mac or PC, and I need the registered user name.