Code value of stimulus list items

Hi all,

I am using Superlab 4.0 on a mac. I created a stimulus lists where different items below to different conditions. I created a code (for event and stimulus item) and code values for the items. However, when I ran the experiment, the code values were not attached to the event in the result. Would appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to fix this problem.

What is the exact version of SuperLab you are using? Go to SuperLab on the menu bar and choose about SuperLab. For example mine reads Version 4.5.1. Also, it would be very beneficial if you can post your experiment as an Experiment Package. This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

The version I use is 4.0.8. Please see attached for the program - it is under construction only. (291 KB)

Thank you for posting. The reason why the code values are not showing up is because you do not have Record and save response selected on those events. The record and save response option is found under the Input tab in the Event Editor.

Hi Monika, thanks. Yes, we realised that problem too, and it is now solved. Thanks a lot.