Choice of wo-buttons, record response, move on.

here’s what I would like to do. I would like to make a screen with two buttons. I want to record which button is pressed (via mouse button input) before moving on to the next screen. Participants are being asked to identify if a letter (such as an upper-case “F”) is “normal” or a “mirror-image”.

So far I can make a screen with two buttons, but superlab is only recognizing when I push the button that appears second, since the first button is a separate event that is invisible until the second event appears.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is just the first step in a program that I am creating for a research project.


You need two responses created in the mouse input in order for this to work. The first event needs to have one of the responses selected, and the second event needs to have the correct response selected.

An important detail here is that SuperLab needs the first event to look for input in order for the response to be correctly generated. You can still have both appear on the screen at the same time by following the tutorial that describes this, but you’ll need to set the first event to end after 1ms. This is sufficient for the response to be generated for the trial. The automatically generated response will still be available for the second event that looks for input.

I hope this helps!