Check-box animation

I am creating a survey with SuperLab and would like to have a slightly animated choice selection box button. All it needs to do is look checked-off on mousedown when the user presses the box next to their selection.


SuperLab is not designed with this functionality in mind. This could be done easily with two choices, but not three or more.

How would this be done with two choices?

not sure how your program is actually set up but if theyre only allowed to respond to one question at a time this might work. its probably a pain, but you could make a bunch of individual files that look exactly like your response screen but with the checks on each possible selection. then you could use the correct feedback screen to link the the file with the check in the correct place and after a time delay move on to the next question.

i dont know if that was clear or even applies, but it might be an idea starting point.


To configure for two:

  1. Create your two Mouse Input responses–both key press events.
  2. Configure Mouse Input to ignore undefined responses.
  3. In your event, mark one response as correct.
  4. In that event, configure feedback that will draw a checked selection box if the response is correct.
  5. do the same for the incorrect response.

That’s an overview. If you need specifics of what each of these steps entails, let me know.