Changing Text Features & Creating Multiple Choice

Is there a way to change the color of an individual word within a sentence being presented as a stimuli?
For example, if I had the sentence: The dog went for a walk. I am trying to make ‘dog’ appear in a distinct color. Is there a way of doing this in superlab? I’ve only found ways to change the features of the text all together.

Also, is there a way to give the participants multiple-choice type options for responses? For instance, if I presented the sentence: " The dog went for a ____. " Is it possible to have options such as “A. walk, B. run”? How should I go about creating this trial?

Thanks for the help in advance, I’m new to the program and the manual hasn’t fully addressed my needs.

You are correct about the editing text: changes can be applied only to the entire text string at present.

SuperLab does not have a built-in type for multiple-choice questions. However, you can still display a multiple-choice question, e.g.

The dog went for a ____

A. walk

B. run