changes to randomization

I don’t personally like the way randomizing in this program is handled. Randomizing stimuli in events at the block level is a pain, and i think it can be easily changed. Rather than randomizing the presentation of stimuli from a list at the level of the block, perhaps it should be an option in the event itself, next to the list selection. You should also be able to choose between randomization without replacement and true randomizing.

Another addition i would like to see is weighted randomization; for example, if a subject gets a question or response wrong (or right!), that question should be able to be recycled back into the pool of available stimuli/questions to be chosen again. As of right now, i can not think of a viable work-around for this problem.

Randomization without replacement: already the way it’s done.

Randomization with replacement: create a macro to restart the block after every trial as long as the number of trials presented is less than a specified value.

Randomization with optional replacement (per your specification): do randomization with replacement, but add a code value on the trial that specifies whether it should be repeated. Set this code value with feedback at the event level. You’ll also need to add a condition on this code value to your macro.

Granted, the latter two are less-than-obvious, but it can be done.