change background color

I’m programming a Stroop test. Yellow font does not show up well on white background. Is there a way to modify the background color (e.g., black)?

You can modify the background color for the entire experiment. To do so, click on the Experiment menu and chose Options.

It is not possible to change the background color on a trial per trial basis. Alternatively, you may want to try a darker yellow.

you can change background color

You can change background color, but as always superlab must be tricked into working correctly.

Simply get an image file that is all black (or any color). Create an event directly before the event that you wish to have a different background for. This event will have to be a picture presentation. Present the solid colored picture for 1ms and make sure that the presentation settings are such that the screen will not erase after presentation. Also, make sure that the screen still does erase after presentation of your intended event (this is the default setting anyway).

Why superlab doesn’t just have this capability is beyond me, but it can’t do a lot of things.

This feature is now available in SuperLab 5. Below is an image demonstrating how you would use Rules to change the background color.