Change all values of code back to original after the end of the block

Hi all,
I am using superlab 4.5 and my experiment has the design as follow:
12 trials in the block were all coded as No at the beginning of the block. If participants answers a trial correctly then that particular trial would be coded as Yes. Yet if participants would not get all 12 trials correct in the block the block would repeat. I was hoping to change the codes of all the trials back to No before the block repeats, and I tried do to so by using the macro ‘Change value of code “Ans 11/12 correct” to No in all trials in this block’, which was run ‘before the start of the block’. However, the problem is, the codes did not seem to be reset when the block re-ran. e.g. block 1: 10 trials correct -> re-run block 1: 2 trials correct (now 1st attempt of block 1 + 2nd attempt of block 1 = 12 trials correct together) -> block 1 does not re-run anymore when theoretically it should as in the 2nd attempt, only 2 trials should be marked as Yes.
I was wondering whether anyone could possibly point out why the codes are not re-setting before the block was repeated? :confused::confused:
Thank you very much in advance and I really appreciate your input!

Can you post the experiment? There might be a setting that you overlooked.

I’d encourage you also to look at upgrading to SuperLab 5. Macros were completely redesigned and are now called rules, and I believe that you will find them a lot easier to use.