Centering text?

Please could someone tell me how to centre the text on my instruction screens when I have multi line instructions? The text centres fine when I only have one line but when I have a number of pieces of text which I want to seperate with a return the text remain stubbornly left justified! Any ideas anyone?

As an example I want to format instructions as follows with each line centred:

Thank you. You have now completed your practice trials.

Please speak to your experimenter if there is anything you would like clarified.

Otherwise press the White Centre Button to continue to the main experiment trials.

SuperLab does not support centering text. If you want your text to be displayed like your example, you will need to make one event for each line. Then, you can simultaneously display all three events (text lines).

Does text from stimulus lists center automatically?

I have a stimulus list which consists of single words, some are longer in word length than others. The longest word length though is only about 8 letters.

It appears that the longer words are not exactly centered, but I am not sure.

Can anyone verify that single words presented via stim lists are going to be centered?

In SuperLab they are centered by default. If you want to change this, go to Settings within the Event Editor, and then Position.