centering text

I’m attempting to present text during an experiment. I have two conditions, either the presentation of a category name, or the presentation of a category name with a fact below it. My problem is that when it is just the category name, the text is centered. However, when I type


XXXXXXfact sentenceXXXXXXX

The text becomes left justified, thus preventing my two conditions from being identical.

How can I ensure that all of my text is centered?


It should come out centered by default unless you have changed the settings.

When editing the text event, in the Stimulus tab click on the Settings button. A dialog appears. Click on its Position tab. In the bottom of the dialog, make sure that the position is measured from the center of the screen to the center of the text (that’s the default setting).

If this doesn’t solve it, please post your experiment and I’ll take a look at it.

Actually, SuperLab does not support centering text. Text is ALWAYS left-justified within a rectangle that fits around the supplied text. This rectangle is then centered on the screen–both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, if you want multiple lines of text to appear centered as a word processor would center them, you will need to split these lines into multiple events, adjusting their distinct vertical locations in the dialog Hisham described.