Cedrus Introduces New Lumina Controller

Cedrus is pleased to announce our new Lumina 3G controller, due out on July 10. This third generation controller, used with our Lumina fMRI response pads, provides features that customers have been asking for and a few others:

  • Use the new USB [B]keyboard mode[/B] for compatibility with [I]any[/I] software
  • Support for up to 8 buttons with current generation response pads, and up to [B]10 buttons[/B] later
  • [B]Light sensor[/B] support for detecting onset of visual stimuli and resetting on-board timer
  • Built-in support for Siemens’ scanner [B]fiber optic triggers[/B]
  • New [B]Accessory Connector II[/B], providing TTL output lines for all buttons, 8 TTL input lines, and more