Can't move between Blocks, Trials, and Events

I am using a MAC and Superlab 4.0.2, and I’m having the following issue:
If I am editing an event and then I want to go to the trials and edit them, I can’t. The red outline remains in the events, and the only way I can get to the trails is if I save, close, and reopen. The same holds true if I am editing a block and want to go to events, or if I’m in the trials and want to go to something else. Basically, I have to keep saving, closing, and opening just to change what I’m editing.


This is an issue that we’ve been struggling with even before the final version of SuperLab 4.0 shipped in July 2006. When we were finally able to duplicate it in-house, we fixed in SuperLab 4.0.2. Unfortunately, the issue came back when Apple released Mac OS 10.4.9.

This bug happened only when, in the Keyboard & Mouse control panel (the Keyboard Shortcuts tab), the Full keyboard access option was set to “All controls” instead of the default “Text boxes and lists only”.

I hope this helps get around the problem.