Can't detect c-pod with Superlab 5

I’ve recently been trying to get my stimulus software to communicate with ANT Neuro’s EEG recording system using a c-pod. I originally tried this with E-prime, which didn’t end up working, and am now trying it with the more user-friendly superlab 5. I’ve run through the basic tutorial on how to send event codes on superlab 5, but when I run the test it claims that there isn’t a c-pod connected to this computer. I admit I’m fairly new to using superlab and c-pods, but does anyone know why the cpod isn’t being recognized and how I might make this work?

I installed the c-pod drivers described here
and it’s listed as a USB serial port (COM2).

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

SuperLab 5 does not support c-pod. There is a workaround, but it’s better to simply move to SuperLab 6. It is still in beta testing but will be a free upgrade to all users when the final version becomes available. See

Thanks for you feedback. I seem to be getting the same error message when I try it in superlab 6. I’ve attached a screenshot here. Any other advice on where to go from here?


In the Device menu, select “c-pod for ANT Neuro”. Do you still get the error message?

Yes, I’ve tried both, though I believe I have the generic one. Will that still work with ANT Neuro?

Please download Xidon 2 and run it. What c-pod model name does it display on the left hand side?

It says C-pod for ABM Firmware Version 2.1.0

I’m not really sure how we ended up with that version instead of the ANT Neuro one, but switching to that version on superlab works. Do you know if it’s possible to use this to communicate with ANT Neuro?

The hardware is physically different when it comes to grounding, but the signals go out on the same pins, so it should work.

What does the label on c-pod say?

Where can I find the label? All I see is ABM Firmware Version 2.1.0

I’m referring to the physical label on m-pod itself. One side has a label/nameplate that covers two blue LEDs, the other should have a nameplate that says “m-pod for …”.

Ah, it’s a C-pod, and there isn’t a nameplate that covers the blue LEDs. On the surface it says c-pod for ABM.

I can send you a label to cover the LEDs. I’ll send you an email.