Cannot open AI files in SuperLab


My instructor gave me an experiment one of her colleagues had created and it was on a mac. When I try and reload the stimulus lists I get error messages when SL tried to open the Adobe Illustrator files. I can convert the files into JPEGS using a program called Inkscape but I don’t see any way to batch convert the files.

Any ideas?


Are you referring to the “Locate Missing Files” message? If so, follow the steps below.

  • When the "Locate Missing Files" window opens click on the "I'll locate them later" button
  • Go to the [B]Stimulus List Editor[/B], under the [B]Experiment[/B] window, to access your list
  • Delete any remaining Adobe Illustrator files on the list, and add the new files. You can choose "Select All" while in the file-open window. You can also use "Import From Text File" if the files need to appear in a specific sequence


The problem is not that the files cannot be located but rather that they cannot be read. They are really just .svg files but SuperLab cannot seem to read them in their current format of “Adobe Illustrator”

Thanks for your reply!

SuperLab does not support .svg files. You will have to find a program to convert your files to either PNG or JPEG.