Cannot Load File


I have an issue with a program where, midway through, a screen pops up that says that an particular image file cannot be loaded. I have to force quit in order to get out of the program (pressing escape does not work).

However, I have this identical program on three other (identical) machines, and I do not have this problem on any one of them. In addition, I have four versions of the same experiment (different stimuli in each version). So far, only a single version is having this problem, and it does not appear to happen every time.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this problem with loading the images?

Thank you!

Does this missing file message come up the first time you open the experiment? Can you tell me the exact error message SuperLab is giving?

No, there is no error when the file is opened- it doesn’t appear to have any problem locating the folders (also, I have the experiment linked to folders that contain picture files, not to the individual files themselves).

The error appears only while the expeirment is running, and it does not happen every time.
During the experiment, a box pops up that reads “cannot locate file xxx”.
The only way to get out of the experiment is to force quit superlab.

This may be an issue with an older version of SuperLab. Do you know what version you are using? You can find this within then Help menu and choosing About SuperLab. If you are not using SuperLab 4.5.3, please download it from the link below and let us know if the issue continues.