Can the response pad be optional?


I am using the RB-730 response pad for an experiment, but I would like to have the option of using the computer keyboard for when I test the experiment away from the lab, like at home, where I do not have a response pad.

I added the space bar as participant input and linked it to the events that require a specific answer. But when I go to run the experiment, it gives me the message that the response pad is not connected and it won’t let me continue to the experiment.

Any suggestions as to how I can run through such an experiment without the response pad?



If you are not editing the experiment when you are away from the lab (and away from the response pad), try deselecting the RB-x30 Series Response Pad as an input device, keeping only the keyboard. All the RB-730 responses that were set as correct responses in the Event Editor will automatically no longer be set, so you don’t want to bring that experiment back to the lab.


But then I still can’t work on experiments at home and then bring them to the lab, which is the idea.