Can one have Superlab Pro save data directly in Excel files?

Is it possible during data collection to save Superlab Pro data files as Excel files (with an excel extension .xls, rather than as a .dat file)? If so, how does one set this up?

When being asked where I want to save the file, the only extension option I get is .dat, so I end up having to manually open and resave each file in Excel.


Hi Brad,

There is no way to change the extension of the file to .xls.

hi, monica and brad

hope you solved your problems brad… i have the same problem as you, and ask both of you if you could help me… i 'm just starting my work with superlab and i have troubles with the results, everything is ok till i try to open saved files, those dat files you were talking about… it asks me nothing when i try to open files, i can’t even open it in excel manually as you sad you had resaved it…when i go online to find an appropriate program i only get some programs for repairing…does that mean they are not saved appropriately and i did something wrong…do i need some special program, and which one is that… maybe my questions are funny, but i am an average computer user with no similar experience:o and need help:confused:ty

There are three possible solutions for your issue.

  1. Right click on the .dat file, then choose the Open With. Here you will select Excel.

  2. Open you file directly from within Excel.

  3. You can use Cedrus’ Data Viewer to obtain summary information, transpose and merge your files.


thanks:) i figured that out soon i had posted the reply…it was a shamefully simple, but thanks for the reply:) this data viewer seems like an excellent thing…i’m still creating my experiment and have some troubles again, i’ll try to figure it out these days with my teacher, but if we made no progress, may i ask again for your help? ty anyway:)