Can items be randomly assigned to multiple lists?


I’m trying to build a levels-of-processing-style memory experiment and I’d like to take items from a stimulus list and randomly assign them to one of four lists (three encoding conditions and one test list containing studied and unstudied items). I’m having trouble figuring out how to implement this design. It it possible in superlab 4? If not, can anyone recommend a suitable workaround?


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random assignment from lists similar question (artificial grammar/implicit learning)


I’m wondering if the question I’m having is similar to the above. I would like to present a number of sequences generated by an artificial grammar. The grammar only has 4 elements and generates sequence ranging from lengths 3 to 8, e.g. 1314, 24312, 1324312 . . .

I have the list of sequences generated from the grammar.
What I would like to do is assign an audio file of a nonsense word to each of the elements and have this be randomised for each participant. Imaging that the sounds are ‘ba’, ‘da’, ‘ga’ and va’, I would like to be randomly assigned to to elements 1 through 4 for each participant. Is there a way for Superlab to do this, or would I have to do it pseudorandomly myself?

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You will have to use Pseudo Randomization. Meaning, you will need to pair the sounds and numbered sequences at the Stimulus List level. Two separate Stimulus Lists are needed, one for your audio events and the other for your list of sequences. Here, you will pair them in the order you want them to be presented.