Can I use Superlab Remote Mac/Windows internationally?

I have research assistants in Mexico City who are trying to run superlab remote experiments in Mexico but this comes up:

I believe this is just a notification alert. If you click on the Aceptar button, SuperLab Remote will run as usual. Please let me know if it’s otherwise.

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It works in SuperLab 6 but no the remote version. When I click aceptar nothing happens

We’ve been able to duplicate the error message in our computer lab and we’re looking into it.

It turns out that the message about not being able to load the country-specific file is purely incidental. The problem is that both packages have incorrect license files:

  1. “Experiment- mas que X PRUEBA” is missing its license file entirely, so SuperLab Remote cannot run.

  2. “Experiment- exactamente X PRUEBA” does have a license file in the package, but it’s a SuperLab X5 license file. Remote can’t use that to run either.

I hope this helps.