Can I use a SuperLab liscense after Reinstalling OS?


My question is about Lisense. I use Superlab 4.x (full and Run only) in lab’s computers. A week ago a one of them crashed (maybe BIOS,or HD works wrong). Now I need reinstalling OS and Superlab to this one.

Can I use same Superlab ID and password after reinstalling OS?
And if this computer cannot work well after reinstalling, I will send it to PCmaker. What must I say to PCmaker for keeping SuperLab’s computer identification.

Thank you for reading this to the end.

Your SuperLab license username and password are stored on Cedrus’ server, so they are not affected by your computer crash.

When you get your computer back in good health and activate SuperLab, it should automatically recognize that it is the same computer and keep working as always.

Thank you for your reply.