Break/Macro Editor

I have an experiment in which I have two display types. I have each of these display types in separate blocks. I would like the participants to complete 4 Blocks total: 1 Block of display type A, 1 block of display type B, then another block of display type A and a final block of display type B.

The way I have the experiment set up now, I have two blocks. I want them to complete half of Block A, then half of Block B, then the final half of Block A, then the final half of Block B.
I have a macro that moves them on to Block B after completing 64 trials of Block A. Then they complete 64 trials of Block B, then it moves them to Block A again.

However, I do not want participants to complete any trial twice. Therefore, under “Trial”, I have it selected all trials to only run if the number of times the trial has been run before is 0. However, when this “only run” option is selected, my program will not let me run though either block a second time. When I unselect the “only run when the number of times this trial has been presented is 0”, it begins the block at the beginning the second time the block is run, which I dont’ want it to do. I only want them to run through the trials that they did NOT run through the first time they ran the block.

The question I have is, does moving to a selected block with a macro mark any “non presented” trials has having been run? I considered attaching a code value to each trial, then only running the trial if its code value is set to a particular value. However, if I have the macro change the code values, can I have it ONlY change the code values for the remaining trials, or does it change the code value for ALL trials?

Thank you!

As an update, I tried setting the “when to run” instead to “code value not set to 1” and then at the end of the trial, set the code value to 1 using feedback. This did not seem to work; I still can’t run through my block a second time. I can only run through the block a second time if I do not have anything set on the “when to run” value for my trial.

Can you post what you have done so far? Please post as an Experiment Package, which is found under the File menu within SuperLab.