BMP Files Won't Load


I am using Superlab 2.0.4. When I run an experiment (.xpt file) Superlab notifies me that it opens to appropriate bmp file, but cannot load it. I am totally lost as to why this is. I’ve used several different bmp files now, and it does not seem to make any difference.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of any (liekly) solutions ?



Can you post a sample BMP file?

SuperLab 2.0.4 is over a dozen years old, so even if I can replicate the problem, it won’t be fixed in that version. But perhaps I can provide a clue.

Problem Solved

Hi Hashim, and thanks for your response.

The problem turned out to be with the files themselves, and nothing to do with Superlab.

BMP files working fine.