Blocks counting trials incorrectly

I have just upgraded to SuperLab version 4.5.1 and am having difficulties with the blocks. Attached is a simplified experiment to demonstrate the problem. I only want a block to present 2 trials that have not been seen previously. The attached experiment presents all of the trials. Even simplifying things and asking a block to only present a specific number of total trials is not working correctly…

test.sl4 (6.94 KB)

Your post implies that this used to work in previous versions, however that’s not the case. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Look for the "old" not "new" codes to figure how many have been presented as opposed to how many are remaining
  • Under the Block level, in the [B]Expression Editor[/B] change it to "Is Less Than"
  • Next to [B]Present the trials in the block[/B], in the Block Editor, it should state "While the condition expression is true

ah, thanks!