Block Looping logic Problem

I’ve set up an experiment that repeats trials within different blocks. I’m not at this point using macros to accomplish this, rather I am using the ‘Repeat block while…’ option in the block window. I have tried just about every way I can think to get this to work, and failed. Is there something I am missing?

I’ve tried ‘Loop while conditional is false’ and then as the conditional I have tried every option for when to check the conditional, and I have tried both ‘greater than or equal to x’, and have also switched it to ‘loop while conditional is true’ and then the conditional as ‘less than or equal to x’. I’ve even tried the wrong logic, which predictably fails. When it doesn’t fail, it sets itself in an infinite loop.

I can’t shake the feeling I am missing something REALLY simple. Are macros necessary for looping, or is there an option I don’t have set somewhere? It’s really frustrating I can’t get these simple conditionals working…

Thanks in advance.

The “When to Run” tab is actually based on Macros, so no, you don’t have to use Macros in order to loop. The key word is “while.” Either of those options will loop–the ones that say “only if” don’t.

Also, it’s important that you’re running at least SuperLab 4.0.3, as this fixes a few bugs related to Macros and conditional branching.

Lastly, what’s the actual expression you’ve created? In SuperLab 4.0.3, you can see the results of the expressions if you run your experiment in verbose mode. Directions for how to enable this are included here for Windows and here for Mac OS X.