block break using block rule in sl5

I need to provide a break to subjects half way through a block. After the break, a fixation should appear and then the second half of the trials will be presented.

Since the fixation is specific to the lead in to the second half of trials, I don’t think I can use the ‘extra actions’ tab because this will just resume the trials without the lead in fixation.

So I’ve tried using the block rules tab, setting a rule so that if ‘number of trials in block’ = X, then present event ‘break’

After I did this I took a second look at the manual, and this seems to be essentially the same as the older method of using macros to provide a break instead of a rule.

So far, the script does not abide by this rule, instead presenting the break event at the very end.

I’ve attached a sample script that represents what I want to do in the actual script. Any help would be appreciated.

break (1.69 KB)

In SuperLab 4, macros were always created at the block level and you had to specify when they ran, e.g. at the end of each trial, or after all trials have been presented.

SuperLab 5 uses a different approach. Trials have their own Rules tab in the Trial Editor. Rules that are created at the block level will run when all the trials in the block have been presented, whereas rules created at the trial level will run when the trial has been presented.

In summary: the rule needs to be recreated in the Trial Editor.

great -that works

Thanks, Hisham