Blank file not working

My experiment is very similar to the one described here: I have music, a cue screen, and then 30 picture files. I put the pictures in a separate trial so I could randomize them. The only option is to have the audio end with the trial, not the block. I inserted the blank file given above as another block, but it did not stop the music. Any ideas?

I suggest having your cue screen in a separate trial before the music and picture trial. By splitting them, the cue and music won’t start simultaneously, however it will allow you to randomize the picture files.

  • Under the audio event, the setting will be "Stop audio: [B]when the trial ends[/B]"
Randomization will be done under the [B]Trial Editor[/B].
  • Under the [B]Trial Editor[/B], go to the [B]Randomize[/B] tab
  • Select [B]Randomize the events in this trial[/B]
  • At the bottom of the screen under, "Randomize All the Events in This Trial," check [B]Except the first one[/B]

This is done so the audio event does not get randomized.