Black/blank screen before presenting video event


we keep running into a problem with the presentation of our videos. While the experiment starts out fine, after a certain time the screen suddenly turns black at the beginning of the video stimulus, and we can go back to see the stimulus when moving the mouse (we use a Cedrus RB-730 response pad for the participants). However, the same thing happens again for the next 10 trials approximately. It seems only to happen when the experiment has been running for some time, around 10 minutes. What could be causing this problem? Is it a memory or power issue?
Thanks for your help!

Without seeing the experiment, it’s hard to tell. But here are some pointers:

  • Which specific version of SuperLab are you using? SuperLab v4.5.2 fixed a number of video-related issues. If you are using anything earlier than that, please obtain the latest 4.x version.
  • If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, the Aero feature might be a culprit and needs to be turned off.
  • A problem that I see often is an experiment design where too many movies are linked to the same trial.