Black Background

I’m setting up an experiment in which each event is a picture with a black backround and a white stimulus. However, when I run the experiment, the screen flashes white at every transition. I’ve tried adding pure black images in between each event, but I’m still getting brief flashes of light. Any suggestions other than using a white background?

The default configuration for a picture event is to erase the screen before displaying the picture. There are two aspects of this you should be aware of:

  1. If you want the existing image to stay on screen and have the new event drawn over it, you should turn off erasing the screen. In the Event Editor’s Stimulus tab, click “Settings…”. Then, choose the “Presentation Options” tab. Here, you can turn off the action of erasing the screen. (probably not what you want to do in this case.)

  2. The screen is erased with the experiment’s configured background color. In the Experiment menu, choose “options.” “Background Color” is the first item in this window, and the default color is white. In your case, you would probably want this to be black. If you are using an off-black, you can also specify a different color.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Both suggestions worked to eliminate the flickering. Although I did have to select the erase previous screen function when I alternated between images and text.