Biopac / superlab

Hi, I write to consult how to synchronize Superlab 4.0 with BioPac MP150. Actually I am working with visual research task and I need to send a marker by each participant’s correct answer to a Biopac register (ERP). Thus, when the register it’s completed I want to have the events marked automatically in the same channel on the ERP register and not in a digital single channel, like a single pulse.

In the Biopac instructions it’s suggested that each event must be manual selected, nevertheless, is any way to get them automatically? In other words; It is possible to program Superlab 4.0 and Biopac MP 150 to send a pulse/event to a channel that register with ERP (ERP100C) and additionally be recognized by Biopac as a event?

Gabriel REYES.:eek:

SuperLab can send up to 8 bits of event markers to Biopac MP150 (or any other EEG). This can be done using an I/O card or StimTracker. You can individually control each of these 8 bits / TTL pulse lines.

Unfortunately, I am unable to help you with how set to things up on the Biopac side as I don’t have any experience with AcqKnowledge.