bimanual response

Dear SuperLab people,

I would like my participants to respond bimanually, either with both middle fingers or index ones. I would like to involve both hands at the same time.

I want to use 4 keys: e.g ‘x’ and ‘n’ together as yes, and ‘z’ and ‘m’ as no.

How to do it to be able to see it in the data?

… both keys pressed ( left and right hand) coded and the reaction times (for using left and right button- probably there will be small differences between them, like 10ms).

Please advice.

Could somebody help me with the above issue, please?

SuperLab does not have a built-in facility for bimanual response. When the participant responds by pressing two keys simultaneously, you will end up with two rows of data in the data file, one row for each key.

However, it rather easy to simulate a bimanual response. The trick is to add a second event to collect the second key. I built a small demo experiment; check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Ewa Janiak bimanual response.sl5 (4.42 KB)