Basic operation and test of USB to Serial interface (Lumina Box) with Linux

Hi All,

I have just recently installed Psychtoolbox in MATLAB (2011b), operating in Ubuntu 11.10. Ptb in general seems to work fine.

I have issues trying to get PTB to initialize Lumina Box conneted to an USB serial port, which connects to a lumina response box (LSC-400). When I call CederusResponseBox(‘dev/ttylUSB0’,[‘9600’])

the script hangs in an endless loop around line 1100 trying to send some bytes to the box and waiting for a response (which does not arrive).

I don’t know why this is failing, i.e. it may be the USB to serial port interface is not correctly installed - and I don’t know how one could test this.

In terms of a driver, so far I have only enabled a serial (RS232) port drive (dev/ttylUSB0) on Ubuntu linux. Here is the following link for that process:

Does anybody successfully use a USB to serial port interface with matlab and Linux?


If you are using the USB-to-Serial Port adapter that Cedrus sent with the Lumina system, the drivers are available from the following webpage: