Autobackup options?

Hello again!

I read in a previous thread that there’s no option to turn off Autobackup. Is there a way to specify where it saves the autobackup files? We have all our Superlab tasks on our desktop, and autobackup files are quickly multiplying and taking over the desktop. There are now autobackup files OF autobackup files … with file names like “Task (autobackup) (autobackup) (autobackup)”. This is making it difficult to figure out which is the real task, which is the autobackup, etc. If superlab could create a subdirectory called Autobackup and save all its autobackup files there, leaving the folder with the real tasks uncluttered, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

No, there is no way to specify a folder for the autobackup. The reason you are getting a file like “(autobackup) (autobackup) (autobackup)” is because you are editing the autobackup. I suggest using the “Save As” feature and give the experiment a new name such as “Task Rev B.”