auditory stimulus for reaction time

Hello forum,

I am putting together a secondary task reaction time experiment. I want participants to hear a brief tone/bell/chime occasionally when they are reading and reaction by pushing a button or clicking on a mouse when they hear that tone.

First question: Does anyone has a .wav file of an appropriate tone they could share with me?

Second question: Any general advice on setting up this type of experiment?



How do you want the trial to end when the participant is done reading? Is reading the primary task?

Hi Monika,

Yes, reading is the primary task. I want the participant to hit the space bar when they are finished reading a sentence and the number 6 when they hear a tone.

Here’s the design:

Participants will read a text sentence by sentence. They will advance to the next sentence by pressing the space bar. At certain sentences, I want a tone to play that will end when they hit the 6 button, but I don’t want that sentence to end. Is this possible?

video display and 3 sound files at the same time


I’m doing a test where I present a stimulus list of three sound files in the same trial and the next event is a video. The point is that i can only run a sound file while the Video is playing … is it possible to hear the 3 files on a row while running the video? each sound file has a diferent answer…
I would like also to know how can I create a video response, I set that there are two right answers but when I run the experience it does not save me video responses.
thank you

If you are using the Self-Paced Reading (SPR) event type this cannot be done. Are you using SPR or is each sentence a separate event? When you say certain sentences, are they specific sentences or are they random?