Audio Visual synchronisation using Superlab - Stimtracker Duo - light sensor

Hi guys,
I am trying to use the Stimtracker duo to determine the latency between the presented audio and visual stimuli. My current setup involves a presentation computer which presents white - black visual stimuli which alternates every 2 secs. In addition, at the onset of each of the changes of the visuals, an audio beep is presented with a duration of 40ms.
I was thinking of using a separate computer to measure/determine whether there are any latencies between the presented audio and visuals. Currently, I have a light sensor which is patched onto the screen and to the stimtracker light sensor input, while a microphone is placed also at a ‘desired’ location and patched onto the stimtracker audio input. I am trying to use superlab to capture the ‘events’ produced by the transitions in visuals with the accompanying beep sounds to determine the latencies between the two. I am new to superlab and could not figure out on an easy way on how to do this.
I have tested and have ensured the stimtracker duo are responding to the presented stimuli, what I have trouble is figuring out on how I can record these events with its timing/time-stamps.

I would highly appreciate if anyone could provide some guidance on this.

Many thank’s

Kind Regards,