Audio Stimulus Won't Present Again

I’ve created an experiment that uses the same Audio File across two similar Audio Events, and many different trials that use the same Audio Events.

However, in a run of the experiment, the Audio File will only play once; the first trial presented runs perfectly, but all subsequent trials will fail to play the sound.

The Event itself is taking place, which I can tell from the data collection which gives me accurate RT readings.

Currently the settings are on:

Stop Audio File when: the event ends
Input: end this event and move to the next one:
With any participant input, and
After 250 ms.

I also have enabled a Feedback: if RT is less than 250 ms, the event will end and skip any remaining events in the trial.

If I change the Audio File sound options to “Wait for audio to finish playing,” then all trials will present the sound, but this is not a viable option because I need the Event and the Audio File to end with participant input.

I also have the experiment set to load all files before the experiment.

Can you post the experiment including all stimuli files?

I haven’t been able to duplicate your bug as described, but I have found (and fixed) a related bug.

The problem with Audio Events that I was seeing is that there was upwards of a several second delay before the audio would start–even with 4.0.6b. If you only had a 250ms delay, this audio event would never appear.

I’m not certain this is what’s happening to you, but it’s a bug that appeared on a single-core XP machine, and it’s been fixed for 4.0.7.

SuperLab 4.0.7 has now been released. Try this out and see if it helps: