Audio stimuli

I’m trying to create an experiment where a different audio stimulus is played in each task block. At the end of the task block the audio stimulus should stop playing, the pause block is displayed and then a new block starts. I tried to insert a blank audio block before the pause block as suggested in a previous topic:
The problem is that the former audio stimulus keeps playing, regardless to the blank audio file.
How can I fix this? I am using SuperLab 4.5.

It would be helpful if I could see your experiment. Can you post your experiment as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Thank you for your help! (29.4 MB)

Please see that attached sample experiment. Please note, in August we will be releasing SuperLab 5.0, which will support an “end audio at the end of the block.”

Due to your experiment design, it seems that the best workaround in SuperLab 4.5 is to stay within the stimulus block (“bl1 (3pp)”) for an amount of time that matches the duration of the audio clip. In other words, we are simulating a time limit for the block.

Enforcing a minimum predetermined duration on a block can be done using macros. In the attached sample, look at the macros tab in the Block Editor for blocks “bl1” and “bl2.” They both use the same simple macro that says:

“If Time Since Start of Block is less than 30000 milliseconds, then repeat current block”

This guaranteed duration of at least 30000 milliseconds matches the sample audio clip, which is exactly a 30 second audio clip. (4.91 MB)