audio input - devices other than SV-1?

Hi there,

I’ve just installed SuperLab and am in the process of teaching myself the software in order to set up a simple reading experiment.

Subjects are to read aloud words the screen, and reaction time between presentation of the stimulus and onset of their speech will be examined.

Does Superlab support anything other than Cedrus’ SV-1?
I also have Bipac’s MP100 which has a serial port allowing for our mic to be connected (we’ll be looking to do physiological measure with their equipment as soon as I figure that out). So I guess my specific question is does anyone know how I can get the mic I have, that’s connected to the Biopac system, to work in Superlab for my audio input?

thanks in advance!


Hi Lindsay,

In addition to SV-1, SuperLab supports the voice key feature in the PST Serial Response Box. In addition, SuperLab for Mac supports the built-in microphone, albeit with a reduced timing resolution (20 milliseconds vs. 1 millisecond or so for SV-1).

I don’t know if Biopac’s microphone via the MP100 can work with SuperLab.