Audio File with Picture File

This one is making me tear my hair out! I want to run audio files alongside picture files - I have managed to create a stimulus list with the piece of music but can’t get it to start and stop where I want to.

Here’s the scenario: I have two picture files which move from the first to the second when the participant presses the ‘return’ key. I want to superimpose music over the two picture slides to start when the first one is presented and to end when the second one finishes. the set of two slides begins when participant presses ‘return’ from the instructions screen and ends when they press ‘return’ after having made a response to a selection task, which then takes them to a typing task using a text screen.

I have one trial (called Bomb) linked to two events called Bomb (a stimulus list consisting of the two pictures) and Bomb Music, but what settings do I have to put into the event protocols to make the music start when the first picture is presented and end when participant moves the experiment onto the next trial? Currently I am moving to first event (Bomb) using the ‘return’ key, then I have to press ‘return’ again to start music. It then stops when I hit ‘return’ to move onto the second picture screen.

Sorry to have been so long winded - any suggestions how to run music and picture events simultaneously?


A sample experiment has been posted which emulates what you have described.

Also, I have attached the blank mp3 file separately so other SuperLab user’s can use it in the future.

Sample for (3.65 MB)

blankaudio.mp3 (1.66 KB)